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Cause Activators connects companies looking to make a difference with causes that need support. Using their signature Wish List MATCH assessment tool, they provide a simple, turn-key solution for organizations who want to give back, engage employees, and look good while doing it. Is your company exploring social responsibility as a strategic initiative? Let us help you make a connection and activate your intent! www.causeactivators.com

Dr. Mary Offers Diversity Services (586) 501-3700

“It is inherent that differing perspectives will have an impact on relationships. It is the responsibility of an organization and its leadership to reduce generational friction by providing opportunities for expression, understanding, and communication.” -Dr. Mary Welsh, WBHR Consultants, Inc. 

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Metro Detroit business owners, job seekers and students partner with Dr. Mary Welsh for traditional and specialized Business and Human Resource services. To get your free consultation today, call Dr. Mary (586) 501-3700 or contact Dr. Mary here.

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  • Business Strategy

    Business Strategy

    Grow your company

    Utilize your goals, values, culture and strategic planning to maximize your company profits, manage your staff and grow your business.

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  • Human Resources

    Human Resources

    Certified Consultant

    Dr. Mary Welsh has the distinction of being recognized as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR®) and Color Code trainer.

  • Assessment Testing

    Improve Yourself

    Ask Dr. Mary about Color Code personality tests, behavioral assessments and other skill testing tools.

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  • University Professor

    University Professor

    and Public Speaker

    Hire Dr. Mary to speak at your next scholastic function, corporate event, to train your team, or as an executive coach.

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  • Executive Coach

    Executive Coach

    Leadership Mentor

    Bring your performance to the next level with Dr. Mary’s Executive coaching services, perfect for executives and students.

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  • Partner With Me

    Partner With Me

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    Metro Detroit business owners, educators and students know to call on Dr. Mary Welsh locally at (586) 501-3700.

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