Clarity Voice VoIP Internet Phones

Clarity Voice VoIP Internet Phones

Clarity Voice Franchise Phones is the leading provider of hosted VoIP PBX solutions in North America. Their continued success and growth comes from their philosophy of helping businesses succeed through innovative and cost-effective voice service.

Don’t Sell Me… Help Me.
As business owners and corporate technology managers ourselves, we were disappointed with big phone companies who cared only about their next sale, and not about our success.

So back in 2005 we started Clarity© by asking a few businesses to trust us to deliver a reliable VoIP service that will help them lower costs, increase sales and improve service with innovative technologies – and to be available without the run-around when help was needed.

In just a few short years the idea caught on. Thousands of companies across North America flocked to Clarity® for their hosted VoIP phone service to realize the “you’re first” philosophy from our team.

Dr. Mary Welsh is the Chief People Person at Clarity Voice Franchise Phones. 

Clarity continues to expand as more companies discover our three services, FranchisePhones™; Phone System in a Box™; and Partner Programs; each customized to satisfy the unique needs of different businesses.

Do the Right Thing
Business phone service is like an iceberg, there’s more to it than meets the eye. You can confidently grow your business instead of looking over your shoulder. We’ve made sure your business phone service is reliable and here for the long run.

First, we own our own technology. It’s located in carrier class datacenters and maintained by us. If there’s a problem, we’re able to do something about it.

Second, we operate legally and comply with federal regulations and reporting requirements. You wouldn’t want to see your VoIP company in Sunday’s headlines as closed down by the Feds!

Third, we’ve been doing hosted VoIP PBX longer than just about everybody, so we know what works (and what doesn’t). Our solutions are proven by years of use by thousands of companies.

Lastly, we’re privately held by a group of investors with a long-term outlook. We’re pursuing more satisfied customers, not an exit strategy.

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