What’s Your Color? Do I Have Your Interest?

What’s Your Color? Do I Have Your Interest?


I would like to present myself to you and offer my services for your consideration. As a University Professor and Business and HR Consultant, I offer my clients and students a broad range of education and experience. One of my most popular services as a Certified Color Code Trainer is the Color Code Team Building and Communication Awareness Training. What’s your Color: Red, Blue, White, or Yellow?

Based on Dr. Taylor Hartman’s philosophy, we are each born with our own unique inner core motive or personality that dictates how we perceive life and interact with others. His assessment tool requires you to think back a few years to grade school around the age of 5 and then to answer the questions thinking back from that perspective. This will enable you to identify your unique inner core motive or personality without the influence of a lifetime of learned behaviors.

Once defined, my team and I can:

  • present the strengths and limitations of your color (Red-power, Blue – intimacy, White – peace, and Yellow – fun)
  • explain why you may be at odds daily with your learned behaviors (those built from childhood influenced by family, friends, coworkers, …)
  • raise awareness of how to recognize the colors of other individuals and how they might perceive you
  • suggest ways to improve your communication and networking capabilities through awareness
  • assist you and your team with recognizing areas of conflict and offer solutions for improvement

What are the benefits?

  • increased personal awareness
  • increased team and management awareness (aids in communication, delegation, and placing people in the right situations to get the job done)
  • reduced communication issues as your heightened awareness brings improved understanding, sets better expectations, enhances collaboration and feedback, as well as adds value-added interaction and strengthens relationships
  • improved conflict resolution as I utilize my conflict management skill set to address any organizational concerns and further express how understanding your color can improve relationships and communication concerns

What are some of the situational benefits?

  • Consider a selling situation:
    • Red – give them the facts and close the deal
    • Blue – give them the facts, build trust and follow through on another date
    • White – give them the facts, a logical and systematic approach will be applied
    • Yellow – provide a fun setting, add joviality to the situation, don’t bog them down with too much details – just demonstrate it will work and be effective, keep it light
  • Consider a hiring situation or job placement, transfer or promotion:
    • Red – provide a position where they can demonstrate their knowledge and make decisions without micromanagement
    • Blue – offer a position where they can make a difference, where emotions and caring are a component
    • White – provide them the situation, tools, and ability to complete the job without drama or interference
    • Yellow – allow spontaneity to be a part of the position, let them interact with your clients to promote a positive environment, allow them to be passionate and sell themselves and your product/services

Are you interested in learning your Color and the Colors of your team? Have I sparked your interest?   Can you see the potential of a heightened awareness? To learn more about Color Code, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Our interactive seminar setting is sure to provide your team with their own personal assessment and awareness, the tools to interact better both personally and professionally, and the ability to improve your team dynamics along with internal and external communication and relationships.

Contact me as I look forward to hearing from you and discussing my Color Code Team Building and Communication Awareness Training with you.


Dr. Mary Welsh, SPHR, SCP

Certified Color Code Trainer


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