Generational & Workplace Diversity Training

Generational & Workplace Diversity Training

Dr. Mary Welsh Generational and Workplace Diversity Specialist

Dr. Mary wrote her doctoral dissertation on generational diversity in the workplace. Find out how to manage and profit from the diversity at your company.

“It is inherent that differing perspectives will have an impact on relationships. It is the responsibility of an organization and its leadership to reduce generational friction by providing opportunities for expression, understanding, and communication.” -Dr. Mary Welsh, WBHR Consultants, Inc.

Silent Generation

The Silent Generation gave birth to the Baby Boomers and includes people born during the Great Depression and World War II.

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are the generation from a huge population increase that followed World War II and the Great Depression. This was the first western generation to enjoy two cars in the garage and a chicken in every pot!

Generation X

Gen Xers lived thru the summer of love, the fall of the Berlin wall and the splitting apart of the Soviet Union.

Millenial Gen Y

During this fast-paced generation, nearly every home in developed countries was now hooked up to the internet.

Generation Z

This generation is the first to be connected through social media. What impact will this paradigm shifting generation have on the world?

Click here to learn more about Dr. Mary’s diversity services. Dr. Mary offers services for promoting multi-cultural and generational diversity, contact her to find out how she can assist your organization. Contact Dr. Mary here to learn about each generation and check back as interesting articles and updates will be found to enhance your ability to live, learn, work, and play together.

Dr. Mary obtained her Doctorate of Management in Strategic Executive Leadership from Walsh College, Troy, Michigan. She conducted her doctoral research on the perceived impact of generational attributes on organizational leadership regarding recruitment and retention, click here to access Dr. Mary’s dissertation on generational differences.

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Generational Diversity

Dr. Mary wrote her dissertation on generational diversity in the workplace. Find out how to manage and profit from the diversity at your company.

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