Dr. Mary Asks What Is Personality?

Dr. Mary Asks What Is Personality?

How Personality Effects Our Everyday Lives

Individual differences in personality have many real life consequences. Wikipedia tells us that personality is differences in behavior, emotions and how we view the world:

Personality has to do with individual differences among people in behaviour patterns, cognition and emotion. Different personality theorists present their own definitions of the word based on their theoretical positions. The term “personality trait” refers to enduring personal characteristics that are revealed in a particular pattern of behaviour in a variety of situations.

Five Factor Model

Personality can broken down into components called the Big Five. These traits include:

  1. Openness to experience
  2. Conscientiousness
  3. Extroversion
  4. Agreeableness
  5. Nuroticism (or emotionality)

What Causes Personality Conflicts?

Personality clashes occur when two or more people find themselves in a conflict over a particular issue or incident due to a fundamental incompatibility in their personalities, their beliefs, their approach to things and their individual lifestyle. Personality clashes occur in work-related and family-related situations.

The problem of personality clashes in the workplace is a controversial topic. It is believed that there are two primary types of workplace conflicts:

  1. When people’s ideas, decisions or actions regarding how they believe the job should be done, are in opposition “my way is better than your way”.
  2. When two people just don’t get along “I don’t like you.”

Pioneer of psychoanalysis the notable Carl Jung noted that the polarity of extravert and introvert personality types acts as a major potential cause of personality conflicts in everyday life as well as the underlying cause of many past intellectual and philosophical disagreements people often experience throughout their lives.

Resolve Workplace Conflict And Understand Co-Workers Better

What tools does Dr. Mary recommend to resolve workplace conflict and help us understand each other better?

When managers and business owners approach conflicts as an opportunity to improve departmental policies and operations rather than as a problem to be eradicated, the result will be a more productive work force and greater departmental efficiency.

Personality can be determined through a variety of tests, such as the Color Code Personality Test offered by Dr. Mary for individuals, executive teams and employees.

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