Dr. Mary Shares Her Experience and Education with Students and Business Professionals

Dear Students and Business Professionals,

As a former online student myself, and a strong advocate for online learning and learners, I understand what it is like to be on both sides of the learning equation. As a result, I am sensitive to your unique learning goals and requirements. I am passionate about distance learning. I believe that we are all pioneers forging a new frontier in this virtual educational environment and I am excited about sharing the journey with you and look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience.

Please review my resources page by clicking here to find books, videos, Slideshares, PowerPoints, legal resources, quotes, and other items of value that I have added to my personal library or have been recommended highly by my peers. Share your thoughts, your favorites, and utilize these resources to increase your personal awareness and effectiveness.

I strive to listen to your needs, provide constructive feedback, and help you develop lifelong knowledge and skills to better yourself and your interactions with others. I pledge to do my personal best to meet your learning needs and to be readily available to facilitate your success. Let me know how I may be of assistance!


Dr. Mary Welsh, SPHR

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Dr. Mary Welsh University Professor

To learn more about Dr. Mary, view her distinguished background in education, explore her exciting doctoral studies involving Generational Diversity, or contact Dr. Mary here for teaching assignments, speaking engagements and student questions.
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Students Love Dr. Mary!

  • Thank you for a very enjoyable experience yet again!  This is the second class I have taken with you. I will definitely keep in touch with you via LinkedIn.

 Thank you for a great session!

Terry B., Student Devry University
  • I want to thank you so much for your constructive feedback during the course. You have helped me grow and improve my research and critical thinking. You are pursuing so many goals that I've dreamed of and planned for my own life!

    Angela P., Student Colorado State University
  • I think the class was very helpful, thank you for the discussion and conversations. This class is right in-line with issues that I face on a daily basis in my current role.

    Catherine P., Student Northcentral University