Talent Management
Get the right people on your team and keep them!

Recruitment and retention
New hire orientation/orientation
Training and development
Performance management
Workforce/succession planning

Compensation and Benefits
Create a competitve pay and benefit package to reward your team.

Compensation planning and management
Employee classificfation
Payroll and accounting
Benefit administration
Wellness initiatives, clinics, lunch & learns

Safety Management
Encourage a safe and secure work environment.

Workers compensation
Unemployment administration
Safety and Security Management
Risk management
Accident Prevention

Team and Culture
Learn how to create a cool and diverse place to work.

Diversity training
Workplace culture

Conflict Management
Don’t let conflict undermine your team. Contact Dr. Mary for solutions.

Personality testing
Leadership training
Staff management
Education and enrichment

Document Management
Get supporting documents for your business, allow Dr. Mary’s team to help.

Document management
Job descriptions
Policies and procedures

Dr. Mary Business Strategist and Senior Human Resources Professional

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“It is inherent that differing perspectives will have an impact on relationships. It is the responsibility of an organization and its leadership to reduce generational friction by providing opportunities for expression, understanding, and communication.” -Dr. Mary Welsh, WBHR Consultants, Inc. 

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